The problem: Expanding Jenny Arneson’s image from neighborhood mom to high-profile civic leader.

In 2010, first-time candidate Jenny Arneson was running for Minneapolis School Board against a better-funded opponent who had endorsements from a variety of prominent civic leaders. Jenny was seen as an effective school volunteer and parent, but her lack of political connections undermined her image as a potential elected official. I created an exciting professional visual identity to counter any thoughts of her being an amateur, embraced her connections among parents and neighbors (including producing an “endorsements” piece that included hundreds of locals and no prominent figures), and used microtargeting to deliver variations on her message to supporters, undecideds, and opponents. A speech which played to her strengths as “one of us” capped the campaign.

Results: She won with 68% of the vote, has since run unopposed, and served two terms as chair of the Minneapolis School Board.